Firing On A Daily Basis

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Now that’s out of the way, onto the good stuff..

We talked last month the Houthi rebels.

The good news is that global shipping (so far) hasn’t been too disrupted.

The bad news is that I was right about it making sense for the Houthis to keep attacking the Royal Navy.

HMS Diamond was withdrawn from the Red Sea. Depending on who you believe, this was either due to it being targeted three separate times or because it’s on a maintenance period and for it to resupply.

Either way, “ships in the force are firing on a daily basis”, which means expensive ammunition is being drained attacking much cheaper targets.

HMS Richmond will now take over, and presumably see its ammunition depleted too.

How long will this go on for? It remains to be seen. But warfare is not always about victory; attrition can work just fine.

We also looked at the Bitcoin ETF being huge news.

Here’s the chart.

Source: SharePad

So far, the market is responding well to it. And I expect that trend to continue.

The stock that gets everybody hyped up is Argo Blockchain (ARB).

I wrote about this in a previous edition how the company badly needed to raise.

It announced a placing within a week of me publishing.

I also said it wasn’t enough, and sure enough the company has raised again at 20p.

But it’s still not enough. The company badly needs a huge Bitcoin rally - at least a doubling in price from $40k - as the Halving happens in two months.

It also needs to get its hash rate up.

But punters will ignore this and do the “if Bitcoin rises then Argo Blockchain will go up too” trade.

It’s risky - as we saw the price rise to 36p only to do a placing at 20p.

The company would be crazy not to take any money it’s offered - and any hype I expect the company’s phone to be ringing constantly.

However, there is a more obscure way to play the Bitcoin hype (and avoid the huge risks posed by Argo Blockchain).

Coinsilium Group (COIN)

Enter Coinsilium Group, listed on Aquis.

Before we look at this stock, there are a few things to mention. Aquis is a terrible platform because it’s highly illiquid, and sometimes there may only be one market maker (yes, one) in a stock. Meaning you pay whatever price they decide!

There’s also no Level 2 on SharePad, and not all retail trading platforms will even deal in Aquis stocks unless you call them up, meaning not only wide spreads but expensive dealing charges.

Why does Aquis even exist? Well, it’s the old NEX, which was the old PLUS, and it’s basically the cheapest and lowest regulated market to access investor capital to list on in the UK.

But lots of investors are put off Aquis (and for good reason) so I’m not entirely sure it’s the best bang for the buck.

Better to just pay higher listing fees and move to AIM in my opinion.

However, whenever Bitcoin rallies, Coinsilium moves like a Porsche 930 911 Turbo. Yes, it killed many of its owners, but it was fast. And that’s how you should treat Coinsilium.

Here’s the chart.

So if you’re bullish on crypto and want a risky play that’s not the garbage that is Argo Blockchain, look at Coinsilium.

Coinsilium is “an investor, advisor and venture builder at the forefront of Web3 convergence”.

It has a portfolio of things I’ve never heard of and probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

So my thesis here is trading it as a highly volatile instrument that will increase in a crypto bull market.

And with a capital raise done at 1.5p in April and warrants exercisable at 3p, the company has sources of capital available to it should warrant holders convert.

I have exposure to this stock through warrants that are exercisable at 3p, having sold my placing stock at 1.5p.

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